Auto horizontal flaksless

Main characteristics
1. The machine stable, low power consumption and long life time;
2. High level of auto, easy operating and lower labor cost;
3. Highly standardized, good parts interchangeable, fast and low-cost maintenance;
4. The sand could be compacted both inside and outside according to process requirement, which makes the mould better;
5. Mold release agent is sprayed automatically, which makes the demolding smoothly, casting surface glossily and no defect in the mould.
6. Electric cabinet and hydraulic station are all installation in the machine, which makes them compact and easy maintenance;
7. Low failure rate and the machine can diagnose the failure by itself.

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1Mould size350*450mm410*510mm500*600mm600*700mm
2Mould thicknessCope: 80-150mm;
 Drag: 80-150mm
Cope: 80-150mm; 
Drag: 80-150mm
Cope: 80-190mm;
Drag: 110-190mm
Cope: 80-150mm; 
Drag: 80-150mm
3Molding speed36s/ mould 36s/ mould 38s/ mould 42s/ mould 
4Compacting pressure≤ 10Mpa≤ 12Mpa≤ 14Mpa≤ 14Mpa
5Air consumption0.3m 3 (normal)0.3m 3 (normal)0.3m 3 (normal)0.3m 3 (normal)
6Mould humidity2.8-3.5%2.8-3.5%2.8-3.5%2.8-3.5%
7Drive methodElectric-pneumatic-hydraulic Electric-pneumatic-hydraulic Electric-pneumatic-hydraulic Electric-pneumatic-hydraulic 
8Template thickness20-25mm20-25mm20-25mm20-25mm
9Power supplyAccording customersAccording customersAccording customersAccording customers
10Total power14kw14kw14kw24kw
11Net weight5T7T9.5T15.5T
12Machine size4150*1890*3050mm4080*2100*2980mm4400*2100*3200mm4710*2410*3540mm