Sand coated iron mould production line

We provide professional sand coated iron mold casting technology services, including production lines, auxiliary materials.

1.Single molding machine, open production line or no line
2.Closed-loop production line consisting of simple machinery
3.Improved mechanized production line

Single molding machine, open production line or no line

Usually, the double-station molding machine or a single-stationmolding machine made by core-shooting machine can be used to complete modelingprocess, supporting the mould turning machine and the mould closing machine. Or,the crane is used to complete closing mould, pouring, and shaking out. It is used inthe following situations: the product quantity is small, trial-produced, or thecompany scale is particularly small.

1.Low investment and good productquality
2.Pouring on ground;
3.Low productivity;
4.High labor intensity;
5.Suitable for small batch production of largecasting



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