Auto vertical flaskless line

No flasks, vertical parting, full automation, continuous and fast operatlon sand shooting pre-compactlon and hydraulic squeeze molding. Squeeze from two driections. Automatic mold size adjustment.
Man-machine interface enables adjustment and setting of technical parameters within specified ranges.
PLC, position sensors, pressure sensors and a liquid crystal display screen for fault monitoring, automatic alarming, remote control, and animation monitoring of dynamic inputs and outputs.
It is the most advanced and efficient green sand molding line at present. Its advantages are energy-saving, high productivity simple line formation, precise casting dimension and low investment. They are widely used for high quantity production of small and medium castings in various industries.

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ModelZZ416A /ZZ416ACZZ416B/ ZZ416BCZZ416C / ZZ416DZZ417BZZ418A/ZZ418CZZ418BZZ419BZZA110AZZ411B
Size/ mm600*480*160/330650*535*160/330650*535*140/380735*535*150/350800*600*170/400850*650*170/400950*700*180/4601000*800*200/6001100*1050*200/270
Without sand core, thickness of mould is 20mm.
Main components        

The veclical molding line is composed of molding machine sand feeder, parallel traveling core setter (optional), synchronous clamp (hold) conveyor, synchconous cooling conveyoc, shakeout, elecfcical control system, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
The vertical molding machine uses sand shooting and hydraulic squeeze molding; Stripping, molds close and transfer can be completed at the same time.
The optional core setter can be added to complete the line. Core setting rapidly and accurately with vacuum absorption mode.
The optional synchronous clamp (hold) conveyor transfers molds synchronous with molding machine for pouring and cooling
The optional synchronous cooling conveyor is after synchronous clamp (hold) conveyor to extend cooling time for different castings
The optional automatic pouring machine can be added to complete the line.
1.Auto vertical parting flaskless molding machine.Download.