Coated sand

Coated sand is a kind of high-quality selected natural sand as the sand base, resin coating system with special performance and the most ideal process technology. According to the technical requirements of different users, it strives to perform at room temperature, high temperature performance, collapsibility, and flowability. The most perfect combination of performance, casting surface roughness, etc., is widely used in automobile engines, diesel engines, hydraulic parts and other industries.

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High-strength and low-gassing coated sandFast curing speed, high strength, low outgassing, low expansionIt can adjust the gas generation speed to better avoid the porosity defects of the casting
Easy to collapse and anti-leakage coated sand
Effectively prevent leakage defects in castingsThis product can effectively prevent leakage defects in non-ferrous alloy castings and improve the quality of castings.
Easily collapsible coated sandFast curing speed, easy to collapse, high strength, low outgassing, low expansionThe product has good strength and excellent low-temperature collapsibility
High temperature resistant coated sandFast curing speed, high temperature resistance, high strength, low expansion, low gas, easy to collapseThis product is suitable for the production of complex thin-walled precision castings and high-demand steel castings, and can effectively eliminate casting defects such as deformation, hot cracks and pores