Modified sodium silicate

This product is the new generation of a new type of modified sodium silicate and modified sodium silicate curing agent for casting, which is jointly developed by our company and domestic universities and colleges.


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I: Features of new modified sodium silicate:          

1. To solve the problem of used sand recovery: the recovery rate can reach more than 90%, and to solve the problems of environmental protection and waste caused by emitting of used sand;
2. To solve the problem of cleaning sand: the collapsibility of molding sand at middle and low temperature is better than that of resin sand;
3. To solve environmental protection problems: non-toxic, tasteless, no organic gas emission, no solid waste emission (except dust), no pollution to the environment;
4. To solve the problem of moisture absorption: high collapsibility water-glass has the property of moisture resistance, which can avoid the defects of sand model and casting parts caused by the moisture absorption of molding sand;
5. To solve the production efficiency problem: the fast sodium silicate has a fast producing capacity, which is nearly 50% higher than the traditional modified sodium silicate.
6. To solve the production cost problem: to reduce the customer’s molding sand cost by another 20-50%.

This product is applicable to all kinds of carbon steel, ductile iron, alloy steel, high manganese steel, aluminum alloy and various non-ferrous metals. Casting covers metallurgy, mining, railway,automobile, military, engineering machinery, heavy industry, pump valve and multiple industries.

II: Method of usage:

Process formula:

The original sand: 100%
Sodiumsilicate: small and medium parts 2.2-2.6%; Medium andlarge parts 2.4-3.0%( proportion of sand weight)
Curing agent: 15-18% (proportion ofsodium silicate weight)

Sand mixing process:

Continuous sand mixer: sand mixingaccording to equipment requirements

Batch-type/grinding wheel sand mixer: firstadd curing agent to mix sand for 1-2 minutes, then add Sodium silicate to mix sand for 1-2 minutes, take it out after mix evenly.

Speed regulation:

It is convenient to adjust curing speed anddemoulding time by changing the curing agent model or mixing with differentcuring agent models.