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Ceramic filter             

Foam ceramic filter,  Honeycomb ceramic filter

SiC foam ceramic filter

        Since the internal structure of the foam filter is a three-dimensional honeycomb type, the size and shape are irregular; it can absorb particles and remove inclusions in the molten iron, and make metal filling steady in mould. It can also reduce air flow and casting impact in mould,and significantly decrease casting defects such as pin hole and sand hole, etc. to improve casting quality and manufacturing yield.

Items Material

Compressive Strength (Mpa)

Porosity (%)

Bulk Density (g/cm3)

Applied Temp. (≤℃)
78-85 0.4~0.6
ZrO2                     ≥2
  0.7~1.00 1700
Al2O3                     ≥0.8
80-90    0.35-0.55 1200


Honeycomb ceramic filter

        The size and shape of the straight hole ceramic filter are stable which is made of mullite refractory materi-als, the main chemical composition is similar to that of sundries in molten iron, so it has a strong adhesive force to the impurities in molten iron, especially the tiny sundry goods in the ductile iron molten iron is adsorbed on the surface of straight hole extruded ceramic filter. The adsorption capacity of foam filter to tiny sundries is not comparable with the honeycomb ceramic filter.


Fiber filter