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Smelting equipment and accessories


 We can provide you the cupola solutions and help you to purchase the best cupola from China. This is a large-scale foundry furnace continuous melting, improve casting quality and reduce the cost of good casting furnace. In order to show our sincere cooperation thought and reduce the cost of customers, we would like to provide whole sets of cupola drawings. The customer can make and install the cupola by them self, we will only charge part of basic technique cost. If some parts can’t be made by the customer, we will help to produce it.


                      7T  cupola                                 30T cupola                               batching system                   Cupola dust collector

Induction metal furnace

 We supply the top quality induction furnace and competitive price to our customers. Furnace capacity range from 1T to 30T, and power supply rated power range from 250Kw to 18000Kw.

  We also provideall the furnace supporting products, including water circulating system,hydraulic, dust collect equipment, lining push-out machanism, remote operatingpanel, safety guard protection and so on.


Aluminum Melting and Holding Crucible Furnace 


Casting ladle


      If you need any information, please contact with us, we will provide you the most reasonable solutions.

1. Aluminum Melting and Holding Crucible Furnace

2. Casting ladle