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We provide professional sand coated iron mold casting technology services, including production lines, auxiliary materials.

1.Single molding machine, open production line or no line

2. Closed-loop production line consisting of simple machinery

3. Improved mechanized production line

Single molding machine, open production line or no line


        Usually, the double-station molding machine or a single-stationmolding machine made by core-shooting machine can be used to complete modelingprocess, supporting the mould turning machine and the mould closing machine. Or,the crane is used to complete closing mould, pouring, and shaking out. It is used inthe following situations: the product quantity is small, trial-produced, or thecompany scale is particularly small.


1.    Low investment and good productquality

2.    Pouring on ground;

3.    Low productivity;

4.    High labor intensity;

5.    Suitable for small batch production of largecasting

Closed-loop production line consisting of simple machinery


        The production line consists of molding machine, mould closing machine, mould turning machine, shaking out machine, iron mold cleaningmachine and conveying equipment. This type of production line has a smallfootprint (about 25 meters * 4 meters), less investment, short constructionperiod, etc., suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, can beused in a short period of time so that the level of production technology hasbeen upgraded, it is welcomed. Production line productivity 15~25 type/hour,matching iron mold 20~25 pairs.

Main parameters

1. Iron mold size: length 800~1300 mm,width 590~850 mm

2. Productivity: 20-40 box/hour

3. Power: 80~150 KW

4. Covers an area: 50 m×8 m(approximately 400square meter).

Improved mechanized production line

Advanced design and manufacturing conditions

Computer simulation technology

Production base


     Our have designed and built more than 200 sand coated iron mould casting production lines involving crankshafts, camshafts, brake drums, hubs, steering gear housings, wheel housings, steering knuckles, adjusting arms, flywheel housings, and clutch housings body, compressor housing, industrial robot motion accessories, iron wheel accessories, mining accessories, building materials accessories, construction machinery parts, elevator accessories, hundreds of castings.