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We provide consultant service for no-bake process equipment.

No-bake process mainly include furan resin sand process, alkali phenol aldehyde resin sand process, esterified sodium silicate sand process and VRH(vacuum replacement hardening) sand process. An intergrated no-bake process equipment system consists of old sand regeneration line, sand mixer, sand molding line, suitable for various production of cast iron, cast steel and nonferrous parts.


1.Old sand regeneration line

For furan resin sand regeneration, we use two-stage centrifugal regenerator, the system  consist of shake out,cursher, regenerator, sand temperature modulator and elevators, dust collector and electrical control system.


     Furan resin sand regeneration line                                    Vibrating crusher                                                    Centrifugal regenerator

For alkali phenol aldehyde resin sand and esterified sodium silicate sand regeneration, we adopt combined regenerator,combining centrifugal regenerator with rubbing regenerator for better effect. In addition, we adopt roasting furnace for the regeneration of esterified sodium silicate sand to attain excellent effect.


Alkali phenol aldehyde resin sand regeneration          Sodium silicate sand regeneration line                    Three-axie rubbing regenerator   

2.Sand mixer

The continuous sand mixer has fixed, mobile and rising-falling type, with a capacity varying from5 to 100t/h. It meet the requirement of various process, including furan resin,alkali phenol aldehyde resin, esterified sodium silicate and VRH sand.


      Mobile and rising-falling type sand mixer                           Fixed type sand mixer                                     The mixing blade