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Engineering services

    Wuhan Jianheng Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd. providing foundry engineering service for our customers. We cooperate along with equipment manufacturers and main foundry material supplier in China, providing engineering designing and implementing service with whole technique solutions based on the casting quality demand and quantity demand. We are professional working on the following processes:

Lost foam process
No-bake sand process
Sand coated iron mould process

V-process is a competitive process which use vacuum instead of chemical bonder to get stable and high accuracy mold, the dry sand can be reused without limitation. By this process you can get high dimensional accuracy castings with excellent casting surface quality.


1. High surface quality: in v-process we use film to cover on the pattern, after pouring, we can get very smooth casting surface.

2. High dimensional accuracy: because of the high dimension accuracy of the mold and stable dimension wave, the castings dimensional accuracy is very high.

3. Environmental friendly: without any chemical binder, we can realize environmental friendly production.

4. No chamecal binder: this will help reduce the production cost.

5. Lower cost and better quality

Lost foam process is a type of evaporative-pattern casting process that is similar to investment casting except foam is used for the pattern instead of wax. This process takes advantage of the low boiling point of foam to simplify the investment casting process by removing the need to melt the wax out of the mold. 


1.This casting process is advantageous for very complex castings that would regularly require cores.

2.It is also dimensionally accurate, maintains an excellent surface finish, requires no draft, and has no parting lines so no flash is formed.

3.The un-bonded sand of lost foam casting can be much simpler to maintain than green sand and resin bonded sand systems.

4.Lost foam is generally more economical than investment casting because it involves fewer steps.

No-bake casting processGraded Kiln dried sand is manually mixed in a mixer with the chemical binder like urethane and catalyst. When the sand mix leaves the mixer it forms a strong mixture. The presence of resin in the mixture, helps to keep the sand to remain strongly bound at room temperature. This strong and hard non-reusable sand mixture is then packed around the pattern or multiple patterns made of wood, metal or plastic. This process is known as the compaction process. Now when the casting mold is set the pattern removed by the roll over process. In the mold cavity, molten metal in poured from the crucible guided by the sprure and the gating. 


1. A simple method that required less manual labour;

2. Reduced production cost;

3. More number of cast can be produced;

4. Complicated designs and excellent surface finish can be casted compared to other sand casting techniques;

5. Less time for mold setting;

6. Most efficient and advanced sand casting techniques currently available;

7. Big castings can be casted in a single mold;

8. Large, heavy, intricate, castings can be produced.

Sand coated iron mold process is a kind of special casting. It is a kind of casting process that forms a thin layer of sand on the inner surface of the metal pattern to form a mold. It has both the advantages of metal mold casting and shell mold casting


1. Thecasting has high precision and surface quality, and its quality and dimensionsare stable. The average dimensional accuracy is CT7-8, and the average surfaceroughness is Ra12.5.

2. Themechanical properties are generally improved. Compared with clay sand casting,the tensile strength of the same alloy can be increased by an average of about25%, and the yield strength can be increased by an average of about 20%.

3. Compared with sand casting, greatly reducing the amount of sand, saving more than 90% of modeling materials, reduce dust in the workshop, reduce environmental pollution.

4. Less equipment investment(molding equipment, sand treatment equipment), convenient casting cleaning, low workshop requirements.