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      Wuhan Jian Heng Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd. is an integrated service company committed to the development of foundry industry. Our company was set up in 2014, owning a team with professional knowledge and rich practical experience in casting technology and management, engaging a number of senior foundry experts as consultant. We are striving to be a modern industrial service enterprise focusing foundry industry. Our company mainly engaged in foundry engineering service, casting sourcing and marketing service and new casting development service.

      Wuhan Jian Heng Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. based on v-process casting technology, and gradually expands to lost foam casting, sodium silicate sand, green sand and other casting process; We strive to provide outstanding, reliable and efficient service with scientific, faithful and pragmatic attitude, as well as by keeping pace with leading foundry activity and participating workshop production&practice; At present, we already established stable long-term cooperation relationship with domestic and Indian companies, meanwhile actively explore cooperation with more domestic and foreign foundry related enterprise. Wuhan Jian Heng Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. is looking forward to contributing to transformation and upgrading of enterprises and sustainable development of foundry industry by working with foundry industry participators.

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